This Sunday

Church this Sunday at 10:30 AM

Sunday, August 7th will be a stand-alone topic with Rev. Steven Gunther.
"Building Trust Together". Trust is an essential element of any relationship we have, but it is especially important in a marriage. This week we look at an interaction between Joseph and his brothers to see what it really means to trust the people in our lives and how both people in any relationship can work on building trust together.
"The Grand-Human and the Church" Summer Series with Pastor Alan Cowley will continue on August 14th.
The church, though it is made up of many different people, when it is viewed as a single unit, functions like one human being before the Lord's eyes, and He governs the church as though it is a single human. How can we live more into this truly HUMAN system of order?
Summer Family Services will run until after Labor Day. These services are shorter, with one message for everyone and no Sunday School. Parents can take young children out to play in our spacious Social Hall at any time during the service.
Our regular worship services (resuming again after Labor Day) begin at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The first part of the service is for the whole family; during this portion of the service, there are songs, prayers, and a talk for the children.  After the children's talk, parents can take their children to the nursery or to Sunday School. The second portion of the service is aimed at adults.
After worship, we gather in the church cafe and hall to share fellowship and enjoy refreshments. Everyone is invited to join this gathering.