This Sunday

Sunday, July 28th at 10:30 AM

“Hope in the Lord’s Mercy”

Have you ever lost hope? Sometimes we can feel sad, scared, and overwhelmed to the point of feeling that things are hopeless. However, no problem is too big for the Lord! Hope is vital to the human condition, and it is tied very directly to the Lord’s mercy and care for each one of us, so it is wise to maintain hope. But is mere hope in the Lord’s mercy without action on our part enough to save us?

Summer Family Services

Join us for our Summer Family Services! The services are shorter, with one talk for everyone and no Sunday School. Young children can be taken out into the hall to play if needed during the service.

After worship, we gather in the Foyer and Cafe (or the back patio on warm summer days) to share fellowship and enjoy refreshments. Everyone is invited to join this gathering.