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Church this Sunday at 10:30 AM

"The Resurrection and the Life" A 3-Part Worship Series
In this three-part series we will explore the process every person will go through in the afterlife; From the moment of natural death, through reawakening and resurrection, to coming to really know one's self and realizing the Kingdom of Heaven planted within.
If you were to go through this process now, where might you end up? Is there anyone to help us in the process? What would it be like to work as a servant of the Lord in the other life, helping people who have just died to wake up and prepare for life in heaven? Jesus gave us many parables, stories with a deeper meaning, to teach us about the Kingdom of Heaven these parables contain more details within them than we might notice at first glance!
Sunday, September 25th:
"The Resurrection and the Life" (Part 2) - Our Authentic Selves
As we enter into eternal life, we go through a process where our externals are slowly stripped away and we are left in a state of internals. In this state, we have to see and face our authentic selves. This can be a scary thought, but it is designed to be a process that brings peace and relief to us. The Lord gives us teachings in His Word which tell us how we can do the work now to foster authenticity in our lives so that we can look forward to this second state rather than fear it
Our regular worship services begin at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The first part of the service is for the whole family; during this portion of the service, there are songs, prayers, and a talk for the children.  After the children's talk, parents can take their children to the nursery or to Sunday School. The second portion of the service is aimed at adults.
After worship, we gather in the church cafe and hall to share fellowship and enjoy refreshments. Everyone is invited to join this gathering.