This Sunday

Worship this Sunday, May 28th at 10:30 AM

Stand and Fight

This Memorial Day weekend we will look at the story of David and Goliath. This well-known story gives us the simple message that good has the power to overtake even the strongest evils, and all it takes is for ordinary people to be willing to stand up and fight against it. We can all stand up and fight against the evils in our own lives, and we can honor the men and women who have given their lives in the fight against evil on the world stage.
This will be a casual family service (there will be one message for everyone, and no Sunday School). Live streaming will not be available.

About Our Services

Our regular worship services begin at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The first part of the service is for the whole family; during this portion of the service, there are songs, prayers, and a talk for the children.  After the children's talk, parents can take their children to the nursery or to Sunday School. The second portion of the service is aimed at adults.

After worship, we gather in the church cafe and hall to share fellowship and enjoy refreshments. Everyone is invited to join this gathering.