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If you want to get together with people to talk about spiritual growth, study religious ideas, or simply enjoy their companionship, then check out what we have to offer.

New Church Foundations

New Church 101.

What is the purpose of life? Who is God? Is life eternal? If there is a heaven, how do we get there? Does life get better than this?

The core teachings of the New Church do provide some really wonderful and satisfying answers to these questions. Perhaps more important than the answers themselves, however, is the attitude we have in seeking them. In the New Church, we endeavor to seek truth for the sake of truth, and good for the sake of good, asking the Lord to help us maintain an "innocent" state of mind. True innocence is defined by our willingness to be led by the Lord.

Would you like to learn more about the New Church and its core teachings? hen consider signing up for the six-week introductory program! Whether you are brand new to Oak Arbor, or have been around for years and want a refresher, this program, and companion workbook provide for an engaging and satisfying exploration of the New Church system of theology.

These classes have ended for 2021-2022. Please contact Pastor Alan if interested in future classes.


"When You Pray" Journey Program

“When You Pray” 

A 4-week Small Group Journey Program.

This took place January 23rd - February 20th, 2022 

If you'd like to work through this on your own, you can download the workbook and watch the services below.

Program Description

Jesus said: “When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut the door, pray your Father in Heaven who is in the secret place.” (Matthew 6:6)

There is an interesting assumption when Jesus said this just before teaching His disciples the words we call “The Lord’s Prayer”. By saying “when you pray” He assumes that we are praying. Do you pray? Regularly? Mornings and evenings, and at meal times? When you pray, what is your practice of prayer like? Does it help? 

If you are like a lot of people, prayer is something that you know is useful, and you do it sometimes, when you remember or are reminded, but most likely the full purpose and use of prayer remains a bit mysterious. Prayer, however, is one of the most important things we can do for our spiritual life and emotional stability. Prayer is a very powerful and necessary part of our reformation and rebirth, and one of our greatest tools in caring for our neighbors. 

“When You Pray” takes a deep dive into the Lord’s Prayer as Jesus taught it, and on what His Word teaches us about prayer and how to pray, and it seeks to help participants establish a meaningful practice and habit of prayer.