Meet The Pastors

Rev. Alan Cowley, MDIV


“My specific passion in ministry is bringing Scripture to life. The Lord’s Word really does have the answers we are looking for, and the more we come to see our lives in Scripture the more we come to know our relationship with the Lord, and what our own purpose in life actually is!” 

Pastor Alan graduated from the Bryn Athyn College Theological School with a Master of Divinity in 2013, and BA in History with an emphasis on secondary education. Alan came to be our head pastor in July of 2021 after serving as pastor of the New Church at Boynton Beach, Florida and of Michael Church, London UK. 

Alan really loves life, and prior to his call to pastoral ministry he enjoyed several short, but very satisfying careers teaching history, landscaping, cooking, and over-the-road truck driving. Alan is also very passionate about music as a singer and a guitar player and is currently working on an album of original Christian worship songs and scriptures set to music. 

Alan Cowley
248-652-3420 ext. 1010
[email protected]

Rev. Steven Gunther

Assistant to the Pastor

Pastor Steven received his Master of Divinity degree from the Bryn Athyn College Theological School in the spring of 2022. Prior to that, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from the Pennsylvania State University, graduating in the spring of 2016.

Prior to entering the ministry, he gained work experience in the trades, working as an electrician and landscaper as well as working for a software startup. The ministry has been a calling for Steven since he was in high school, and he believes that his few years of experience working outside the church have helped him gain perspective on how to connect with people from different walks of life.

Steven has a passion for both pastoral work and education, and he loves that his role at Oak Arbor allows him to pursue both of those uses as he teaches classes to the Upper Elementary and Middle School students on top of preaching regularly and supporting the religious life of the congregation.

Steven Gunther
248-652-3420 ext. 1020
[email protected]