Gratitude Service & Thanksgiving Day Food Collection

Gratitude Service

Join us on Thanksgiving Day, to give thanks and celebrate our blessings together! This service is for the whole family, on Thursday, November 24th at 10:30 AM.
Where Does it Come From? -- Thanksgiving is a day that takes a lot of work. We have to make plans, get ingredients from the store, put together our recipes, cook our foods, etc. And yet, long before we do any of that there are countless people we will never meet working to make it possible for us to have everything we need for our celebrations. Similarly, we have everything good in our lives because the Lord has made it possible for us. Moses reminds the Children of Israel of this before they cross the Jordan River and take the land that they have been promised for generations. We will look at Moses's words this Thanksgiving to remind us of how we can give thanks to the Lord and everyone in our lives by acknowledging what they provide for us.

Food Collection

Our Thanksgiving Food Drive will benefit Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac. They accept donations of food and toiletry items.
Fresh produce and non-perishable food can be brought up to the chancel during the procession at the Gratitude Service on Thanksgiving Day (see above). Other donations can be placed on the collection table in the foyer.
If you're unable to attend the Thanksgiving service, we will collect donations on Sunday, November 20th.